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What is LTCC? A short explanation
Source: "Microwave Engineering Europe, Aug/Sep 97: A 3D representation of Murata's hybrid module in LTCC"
The Low Temperature Cofired Ceramic (LTCC) technology can be defined as a way to produce multilayer circuits with the help of single tapes, which are to be used to apply conductive, dielectric and / or resistive pastes on. These single sheets have to be laminated together and fired in one step all. This saves time, money and reduces circuits dimensions. An other great advantage is that every single layer can be inspected (and in the case of inaccuracy or damage) replaced before firing; this prevents the need of manufacturing a whole new circuit.

Because of the low firing temperature of about 850°C it is possible to use the low resistive materials silver and gold instead of molybdenum and tungsten (which have to be used in conjunction with the HTCCs).
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