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Enablers for Ambient Services & Systems – 60 GHz Broadband Links
a German BMBF/DLR Project (FKZ 01BU0807)

Partners References

A German BMBF/DLR project: The work of IMST GmbH comprises various contributions in the areas RF circuit fabrication technology on LTCC, antenna design, and system design (base band and radio channel) for the eventual demonstration of an „In-flight Entertainment“ (IFE) system on board an aircraft as an example of a broadband multimedia application.

In particular, a LTCC substrate for and the housing of the demonstrator’s 60 GHz-front end will be developed together with suitable antennas and cover 7 GHz of unlicensed bandwidth there. Final goal is to explore the feasibility of combining both the RF chips and circuitry and the antennas on the very same LTCC module. The 2x1 symmetric differential antenna has a higher gain than 8 dBi over 8 GHz bandwidth – feeded at chip-pad. In the area of base band signal processing, the applicability of systolic arrays as circuit elements in digital signal processing will be evaluated and some exemplary algorithms will be implemented as parallel structures.

There are 3 generations of LTCC-boards and chips designed and manufactured as well.

As a fundamental prerequisite for the design of the whole system, the characteristics of the radio channel at 60 GHz inside an aircraft cabin will be investigated and modeled.

The outcome of this subproject has further areas of application, like wireless telemetry & control or sensor networks.

Chip view with differential lines to antenna
(version 1)

2x1 antenna radiation pattern with 8 dBi, 56 GHz to 64 GHz
(version 2)

LTCC board with separated RF- and IF-chip - antenna placed on opposed side
(version 2)

LTCC board with single chip and baluns, oscillator, flex-cable-connections, housing, antenna on the very same board
(version 3)


Project period:
2008 - 2011
Project ID:
01BU0807 (Easy-A)
Partners Country Description
Berlin University of Technology DE 60 GHz SiGe HBT power amplifier
BMW Forschung und Technik DE Concept and demonstrator for in-vehicle-communication
EADS AIRBUS Deutschland DE Cabin integration and test of a 60 GHz system
Fraunhofer-HHI DE Investigation of 60GHz broadband communication: system design and implementation aspects
Fraunhofer-IAF DE High performance millimetre wave integrated circuits for analogue frontends of 60GHz wireless communication systems in non-line-of-sight, high-range, high-rate scenarios
Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin DE Positioning and localisation
IHP DE SiGe-technology, 60-GHz-multimode-chip-set and demonstrator
Ilmenau University of Technology DE LTCC circuit and antenna design and technolgy
IMST GmbH DE Front-end module design including antenna for broadband communication applications in Airbus cabin and vehicles interior
Infineon Technologies DE SiGe-Technolgy
MEDAV DE Channel measurements and parameter estimation for 60GHz broadband links
MEYTEC DE Scenario - operating theatre
Ruhr-Universität Bochum DE Integrated Systems
Siemens DE Applications where data needs to be transferred off-axis between rotating parts of a system at ultra high datarates
TES Electronic Solutions DE Contribution in defining the application scenario and system specification
Technische Universität Dresden DE Baseband processing and RF-Frontend for a wireless high-speed data transmission system at 60GHz
Telefunken Semiconductors DE SiGe bipolar technology for an UHR-C demonstrator
Universität Ulm DE Multi-functional frontend-ICs in cost-efficient Si/SiGe HBT technology for ultra-high-rate cordles applications


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