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For high frequency applications an improved conductor resolution is sometimes mandatory. Standard line width and spacing for screen-printing starts at about 100µm. With a photoimageable paste a 50µm resolution can be achieved for conductors in inner layers or on the top or bottom of the laminated structure. Such a system is offered from DuPont and is called FODELTM (see figures below). Other fine-line processes which are available for LTCC are: fine-line screen printing (50µm), etched and thinfilm conductors on top and bottom side of LTCC laminate (10µm). IMST offers standard screen printing with 100µm line width and spacing. A fine-line process is offered in co-operation with partners only.

Process steps for high resolution conductors (FODELTM from DuPont).

Spiral inductor with FODELTM gold on Tape 951TM from DuPont.
Last update: 10-Mar.-2006