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Business-card CD-ROMs have been compiled to summarize IMST's achievements in LTCC. It will be made available to customers, partners or is available for free on specific events like exhibitions and conferences. The latest release contains the following information as PDF-files:
  • IMST GmbH (company profile)
  • Services around LTCC
  • LTCC Design Guidelines 2.0
  • Datasheets
  • LTCC Applications
  • Technical Reports
  • Technical Papers
  • Empire-Manual.pdf
    This brochure gives an impressive overview about the capabilities of the real-3-dimensional field solver EMPIRE(TM) and its 3D editor Ganymede. The electro-magnetic field solver is based on the finite difference time domain method (FDTD). This software tool is perfectly qualified to be used for LTCC multilayer circuit design.

1st business card CD-ROM:
Release May 2002
2nd business card CD-ROM:
Release April 2004

May 11, 2006: New release of LTCC site ("frame-less design") went online.
Feb. 1, 2006: The "old" LTCC site is no longer available.
Jul. 1, 2005: New LTCC homepage design set online.
Jul. 1, 2001: www.ltcc.de in the Internet for the first time.

Artwork: The Basque artist "Augustin Ibarolla" has created in 2002 a monument of more than 100 coloured railway sleepers on top of an artificial mining dump (126 m) in Bottrop called "Totems".

Artwork on top of a mining dump in Bottrop (Ruhr Basin)
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