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Examples & solutions

A number of LTCC circuits, modules and antennas have been developed in the past years during several R&D projects. Nearly all activities are related to mobile communication or sensoring application in RF or microwave frequency range. The table below summarises pictures of LTCC modules ordered by increasing frequencies. This gallery makes evident, that LTCC is capable to be used not only in DC and digital applications but also in the mobile communication frequencies like GSM and UMST. Furthermore LTCC has its advantages in wireless data transfer standards like Bluetooth or WLAN. The use for aerospace and space application as well as Radar sensoring has also been demonstrated for GHz- or ISM-band frequencies. For details about selected developments choose one of the following links. Please note, that IMST is a development house. These modules are not products from the shelf. They demonstrate the functionality for the specific application. IMST offers its customers to adapt these developments to their specific requirements or to find an applicable solution.

Passive Elements

SMD Lowpass Filter

800 MHz
GSM Balun 800 + 1800 MHz
Bandpass Filters 12/13 + 24/26 GHz
Bandpass Filter 40 GHz
Power Divider 19 GHz
Power Divider 30 GHz
Liquid Crystal Phase Shifter 3 ... 30 GHz


Active Components
VCO 26 GHz
DRO 24.125 GHz
Mixer 22 ... 26 GHz
Amplifier 21 ... 27 GHz
Mulitplier 8-to-24 GHz
Mulitplier 11-to-33 GHz


40 GHz


Galileo Patch Antenna 1.23/1.57 GHz
Inverted-F 2.45 GHz
4 x 4 Patch Array 24 GHz
2 x 4 Radar Array 24 GHz

Digital Beam Forming

30 GHz
16 x 16 Patch Array 40 GHz
Mulitlayer Cavity Ant. 60 GHz



Divider and Combiner Networks
TerraSAR-X 1:32 9.65 GHz
TerraSAR-L 3x(1:7) 1.26 GHz
EASTON-Ka 2X(1:4) 19 GHz
VERSA 1:16 19 GHz
MulitFeed 1:7 30 GHz


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